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How Do I Shop for Wallpaper at WallpaperWholesaler.com?

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There are 2 easy ways...

#1. You can shop our online store where we have thousands of patterns available at wholesale prices, and much more...

To shop online . . . . . . 

By Pattern Number: 

If you already know the pattern number of the pattern you want, type it into our “Search by Pattern Number” field on our Search Page or Home Page and click “go”. Then simply follow the prompts.

By Book Name:

If you have already seen a pattern that you like and you know the book name and page number, simply type the book name into the “Search by Book Name” field on the Search Page or Home Page and click “go”. Or, type in only the first letter of the book name and you will be shown a list of books beginning with the letter you typed. When you find your book name, click on it. It will take you to that book’s cover. Then click on the book cover and proceed to the page you desire. Then simply follow the prompts.

By Style: 

If you are just beginning to look for wallpaper, the best way to use our website is to search by style. Go to our Search Page or Home Page. There you will find “Search by Style” list such as “Contemporary”, “Children”, “Traditional”, etc. Click on any style that interests you. You will be shown a list of books with patterns available for purchase online in the style of your choice. Click on any book title and the book will appear. Click on the book cover and the book will open to the first six pages. Then simply follow the prompts.


By Keyword:

Click in the window of our “Search by Keyword” field on our Search Page or Home Page . Type in a word that describes what you are looking for, such as the word “books”, “flowers”, “bears”, etc. Click “go” and then simply follow the prompts. 


#2. If you do not find the book, page or pattern number you want... 


Please phone us Toll Free @ 888-305-8020. All patterns available are not online yet. If the pattern you need is not discontinued, we can provide you with information on the pattern and take your order over the phone, or email us at Sales@WallpaperWholesaler.com.


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