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The Best Way to Strip and Remove Wallpaper

Score with PaperTiger tool by making circular movements progressing across or up and down the wall such that cuts approximately one inch apart are made in the wallcovering.

Removing old wallcoverings was once No. 1 on the do-it-yourselfer's Hate Parade. But DIF, the only wallpaper stripper based on patented enzyme action, the PaperTIger Wallcovering Scoring Tool and the Paper Scraper have simplified the job. How to proceed depends on what's on the wall.
Uncoated wallpaper Needs no scoring before applying DIF. Even multiple layers come off easily.
Paper-backed vinyls, foils or mylars Should delaminate as they are stripped, eaving paper backing on the wall. Use DIF to remove paper.
Waterproof wallcoverings coated (washable or scrubbable) wallpaper, painted wallpaper, flocks, suedes, many vinyls, toils, mylars that can be pulled off wall. Check by spraying with water; if spray beads up and runs down the wall. wallcovering is waterproof. Score with PaperTiger. Then use DIF and Paper Scraper.
Fabric-backed vinyls or other strippable wall-coverings. Usually can be pulled off a properly Sealed wall.
PaperTiger is easy to use. Just make circular movements across or up and down the wall to score the wallcovering. The PaperTiger allows penetration through the wall covering without damaging the wall itself. Other perforating devices use spikes which easily gouge drywall or plaster and cause unnecessary repairs to be made before proceeding with the wallcovering job.
The PaperTiger follows the contour of the wall including hollow areas or textured wallcovering surfaces. The multi-directional PaperTiger cutter assembly self-aligns to both the wall and the direction of travel, thereby allowing the tool to be moved in any direction the user desires.
Use Zinsser 5 Paper Scraper to peel paper off the wall Often the paper will come of in sheets.

Prepare DIF solution by mixing contents of 22 oz. bottle with 2 gallons hot tap water in ordinary garden sprayer. (From gallon size DIF measure 3 cups per 2 gallons.) If sprayer is not available, apply DIF water solution with a sponge from a bucket. Cover floor with newspapers or drop cloths. Protect carpeted areas with waterproof drop cloths.

Saturate wall with solution, starting at the top and working down to the floor.
Circle room. Allow 15 minutes for enzymes to attack paste. Reapply DIF, give it an additional 15 minutes to react, then start to strip paper Work a section at a time, first wetting it again. Use the Paper Scraper to peel paper off the wall. Lastly, use left-over solution to help wash last traces of paste off the walls. Rinse well with plain water. Allow walls to dry thoroughly before repapering or painting.
DIF wallpaper stripper is a uniquely effective companion to the PaperTiger and Paper Scraper that employs enzymatic breakdown of wallpaper paste to make wallcovering removal easy. This sets it apart from conventional wallcovering strippers based on wetting agents or steamers which merely rewet and soften wallpaper paste. Steamers are heavy, hot, dangerous and hard to use and only marginally effective. DIF is based on a new principle that goes beyond merely wetting paste. Its patented formula contains enzymes in addition to an effective blend of wetting agents.
DlF's patented formula combines an effective blend of wetting agents and enzymes which penetrate the paper and quickly beak down the molecular structure of the paste. The paste is converted to a thin watery solution without adhesive properties. As a result, the bond between the wallcovering and the wall is easily broken and the paper comes off with little effort.
The Paper Scraper is especially designed to aid in the removal of wallcovering and residual paste after DIF has been applied. Paper Scraper is faster and easier to use than traditional paint scrapers or putty knives. Just hold Paper Scraper against the wall and begin scraping. The scraper blade is fixed at the precise angle needed for the greatest scraping effectiveness and eliminates any chance of accidentally gouging the wall by twisting the blade. The Paper Scraper blade is also easily removable for cleaning or replacement.
After your wallpaper has been removed: The first step in re-wallpapering or painting is proper wall preparation. Use Shieldz universal pre-wallcovering primer to prepare the stripped walls for either hanging new wallcovering or painting. Shieldz seals, primes and sizes in one step. No additional sizing is needed. Wallcovering is ready to hang in just 2 hours. Any wallcovering can be applied over Shieldz; Strippables, Peelables, Fabric-backed types, Foils and Mylars, Grasscloths, Silks, Other Textiles, Pre-pasted and non-pre-pasted wallpapers. Any adhesive will adhere to a Shieldz- coated surface.
DIF, Zinsser and Shieldz products can be purchased in our showroom, or at your local hardware store
Cleaning Your Wallpaper: Due to the unique variety of wallpaper, refer to the manufacturer's guidelines or contact the manufacturer for the particular paper you are using.
Basic Guidelines:
Stains should be removed as soon as possible to eliminate any possible reaction between the stain and the wallpaper. If soil remains on the wallpaper too long, permanent discoloration may result.

Ordinary dirt spots can be removed with a mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Blot wallpaper dry with a soft lint-free towel. For more difficult stains that are only surface deep, use if a stronger detergent is recommended. Try an inconspicuous spot first before attempting the entire wall. One should always rinse after applying a detergent. Abrasive rubbing of spots should be avoided so discoloration cannot appear.

Do not use steel wool or powdered cleaners, or active solvent-type preparations, such as nail polish remover, tar and bug removers, etc. because they may damage the wallpaper.
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