The Top 3 Commercial Wall Paper Picks

When it comes to big jobs like covering the walls of doctor’s offices, resort lodgings, fine restaurants, office buildings and other high traffic locations, simple residential style wallpaper just won’t do. Commercial locations require heavy duty wall coverings made to withstand regular contact, temperature changes, the risk of everyday splatters or spills, and even the risk of fading over time. There are also the requirements of flame resistance and weight class that must be met before a contractor can even consider style options for a client.

Due to all of the considerations mentioned above, these three commercial wallpaper choices have been the most sought-after options on the market time after time:

1.       Fabric-Backed Solid Vinyl

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper is most likely the most popular choice of this top 3 list. The main reasons for this is that this type of commercial wallcovering fits within the Class A Fire Rating standard, comes in Type 1 or Type 2 weight classes, comes in extra wide widths, is easy to keep clean, resists fading, and is easily strippable making future aesthetic changes easy. There is plenty of variety as well making it a contractor’s dream when particularly selective clients are involved.

Warner Textures 3 - Fabric Backed Vinyl Commercial Wallpaper

Warner Textures 3 – Pattern #: WC2001

2.      Multi-Use Textile Wall Covering

Textile wallcoverings are made up of natural and synthetic woven materials. Often made from partially recycled polyester material, this option is also very eco-friendly for environmentally aware companies. Textiles come in multiple colors and can be used in a variety of applications. The textured appearance also lends a great deal of character to an otherwise flat and uninteresting wall.

Eco Series 2 Cobble by Fashion Commercial Textile Wallpaper VCB04

Eco Series 2 Cobble by Fashion Commercial Textile Wallpaper VCB04

3.      Paintable Textured Wallpaper

Rather than simply paint a flat wall, paintable wallpaper is being used in many commercial applications to add depth. There are plenty of other benefits as well such as covering uneven walls or patched surfaces, and protecting the wall itself against being easily damaged. The end effect is also quite attractive and professional, an easy way to please clients looking for that subtle extra touch.

Easy Textures Paintable Wallpaper

Easy Textures Paintable Wallpaper – Pattern Number P32832

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