Contemporary Wallpaper Murals For Renters & Dorms

Wallpaper is not just the boring and old fashioned stuff you see in your grannies house. Today’s decorative wallpapers are available in such a wide variety of themes and colors that just about any taste in decorating style can be satisfied. In addition to such a wide variety, wall coverings are also available in easily removable and even re-positionable options. Removable wallpaper will not damage walls and is ideal for renters, college dorm rooms, and for those who like to re-decorate fairly often.

If your taste runs the contemporary route, you might be interested in these beautiful wall murals from 4Walls “Peel and Stick” Tella line:

wall mural by Tella

Tella Wall Mural Pattern Number TM10074SM

The Antique Map Mural

Maps are currently a very popular decor option, and are truly timeless. The hard lines and solid colors of the contemporary furniture mix well with the classic back-drop of the navigation chart feel of the map mural on the wall. I love how the modern and antique aspects play off one another in a very classy sort of way. Against a blank wall this furniture would have little interest, but this backdrop makes everything else in the room really “pop” out at you.

Tella Wall Mural

Tella Wall Mural Pattern Number TM10033SM

The Natural Birch Tree Mural

The use of the birch tree wall mural in the bathroom of this home shows clever use of a neutral and soothing color palette combined with the visual pop of the mural. The effect is impressive but not at all overwhelming. Many of us neglect our bathrooms yet we often spend more time in them than other rooms of the house, and like it or not, it is guaranteed to be one of the rooms your guests will remember most. So why not make it memorable such a very positive way?

Tella Peel and Stick Murals Volume 1 by 4Walls TM10012SM_3

Tella Peel and Stick Murals Volume 1 by 4Walls TM10012SM_3

The Tree Hugger Mural

It may have a funny name, but this mural can take a boring wall in any room and transform it into a work of art. With this mural it feels as though you brought a little bit of natural beauty into your home. This mural makes an excellent feature wall backdrop for artfully hung “family tree” photos.

Tella Wall Mural Pattern Number TM10531SM

Tella Wall Mural Pattern Number TM10531SM

The Watercolor Journey Children’s Mural

Contemporary nurseries and children’s rooms are also very popular choices in home decor currently. The watercolor journey wall mural works very well with the colorful modern furniture pieces being both fun and playful. The best part is this mural could easily work from newborn to elementary school, and then since it is made to come off easily without damage to walls, it can be replaced easily with decor more suited to a teen’s tastes.

If you would like to see these or other Tella Wall Murals, click the following link. >> 4 Walls – Tella Wall Murals <<


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