Temporary Wallpaper and Other Home Decor Ideas For Renters

If you’re renting you  are amongst the hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen not to go the route of home ownership in this tough economy. Renting doesn’t have the same negative connotation it did a few years ago because today’s renter doesn’t risk taking on an upside-down mortgage, rising home repairs, or a potential devastating foreclosure.

Cottage Garden by Chesapeake and Warner

Cottage Garden by Chesapeake and Warner Pattern #: CG97139

In the meantime, you certainly don’t have to give up the dream of living in a space you’ll totally love to come home to. The most difficult obstacle to consider is obeying decorating limitations in your lease. Some landlords out there won’t mind wallpapering and repainting, some simply request you have plans approved, but most landlords are simply not that lenient.

If your lease will not allow alterations like paint or wallpaper, you don’t have to give up totally on a personal style. There are lots of peel and stick temporary wallpaper options for renters. Here are some tips for how to use temporary wallpaper:

Temporary Wallpaper is safe to use. When you use wallpaper that is specifically made to come off clean, you do not need to worry about damaging the walls of your apartment. You can often re-use it later. Companies that make super strippable wallpaper include 4Walls, Warner, Blue Mountain, Brewster, and York.

Don’t you hate moving into a place with existing flaws? With temporary wallpaper you can hide it! The ugly patched vent where a fireplace used to be can be hidden away so it can no longer taunt you and your guests each time you enter the room. Those little holes from tacks and screws everywhere… gone… with an application of a temporary wallpaper pattern or mural you love.

Turn “It’s… nice… and boring.” into “Wow! I wish my place was this nice!” How? By creating interest with temporary wallpaper. You can match bookshelves to a feature wall by applying wallpaper onto the back of the shelves or use it to create interest on set of plain closet doors. You could even take scraps of leftover wallpaper and put them in frames of various sizes to set out on a desk or mantle, no drilling needed simply prop them up against the wall or use a stand.

Reduce the use of accessories. Shopping for those little accents can be fun, but you don’t want to have so much stuff to move later. You will find that once you’ve designed a temporary focal wall with wallpaper it will break-up the monotony caused by simply using furniture to fill a room. What you want to do is choose either a mural you love, or a pattern of wallpaper that matches your personal style, go bold and you will not need a bunch of little accessories to fill in the gaps.

We make it easy to browse through thousand’s of super strippable wallpaper patterns to find the perfect wall paper for your needs. Visit us online at WallpaperWholesaler.com or give us a call for personal customer service at (888) 305-8020.

Take A Look At Just A Few Of Our Inspiring Strippable Wallpapers Below

Tella Peel and Stick Murals Volume 1 by 4Walls Vignette_8922

Tella Peel and Stick Murals Volume 1 by 4Walls Vignette_8922

Tella Peel and Stick Murals Volume 1 by 4Walls Vignette_8928

Tella Peel and Stick Murals Volume 1 by 4Walls Vignette_8928


Modern Living by Chesapeake and Warner

Modern Living by Chesapeake and Warner

Christel by Chesapeake and Warner Vignette_8729

Christel by Chesapeake and Warner Vignette_8729

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  2. Wonderful ideas! This is how you go from dull to fabulous with an apartment home. Bravo.

  3. Is it possible to place over existing pasted wallpaper or only over painted surface.?

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