Top 10 Wallpaper Classics

Classic checks and stripes are the perfect  pattern if you want to work with a timeless theme. These top 10 wallpaper classics are staples of decor that never seem to lose their charming appeal. Stripes and check patterns work well with any design scheme from traditional to country and everything in-between.

Top 10 Wallpaper Classics

Top 10 Wallpaper Classics Under $25!

1) The Neutral Stripe

The neutral stripe wallpaper is understated yet adds stylish dimension to a room.

2)The Tartan Check

This wallpaper brings modern warmth to a room without dominating it.

3) Soft Linen Stripes

When you want to go with elegant French country decor, this should be a top choice.

4) Classic Plaid

Similar to the tartan but generally softer patterns in cooler colors.

5) The Shirting Stripe

Perfect when you want a look that is tailored and crisp, with a hint of masculine overtone.

6) The Georgian Stripe

Bold stripes of color that catch the eye immediately.

7) Rustic Red Checks

If you are looking for that old fashioned farmhouse feel this works perfectly, especially in kitchens.

8) Multi-tone Match

Wallpaper in multiple neutral tones makes a great design palette for a room.

9) Gingham Print

This squared pattern can be bold and brass or come in small calming squares.

10) Woven Look

Last but not least is woven-look wallpaper which adds rich texture to your walls.

How To Use Them

While you can use wallpaper patterns like stripes and checks anywhere they need to be balanced out with solids. So if for instance you wallpaper a bedroom with tartan walls, you should choose a color complimentary solid comforter and compliment the walls with a couple of tartan patterned throw pillows. To get the most out of patterns think size; you would use smaller narrower stripes and checks in small spaces, and large bold stripes and wide checks in larger spaces.

Why We Love Them

These wallpaper patterns will look as at-home in 15 years from now as they did the day they were first applied to the wall. Using wallpaper you can get that luxury look for less, everything we have shown is priced at $25 or less per roll! The simple addition of a classic pattern to a room can dramatically change  the whole feel of the room, a beautiful wall truly brings you home.

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